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Rampless concrete washouts have a smaller footprint and save space on projects with limited space

Cemex facility California

Each washout is checked to be watertight & portable

Rampless washouts allow concrete mixer trucks & other trades a place to washout

North Island Naval Facility San Diego

Home builders can place in housing developments for foundation, flatwork and stucco contractors

Brookfield Homes, San Diego California

Rampless Washouts


 Order your washout services today. If you are not already a customer, click here to become one. Our pricing is based from Mission Gorge, San Diego area. If you prefer to Pre-Pay use the payment buttons below. Pre-Pay customers must pay for additional service requests before servicing – SEE PRICE LIST.

Our ramp less Concrete Washout System controls, captures and contains all concrete washout wastewater and material. It’s ability to allow most trades including mixer trucks the ability washout. Proven since 2004, our concrete washout system is used by almost every small & large contractor in California, Nevada & Texas.

Specifications:  One washout is recommend for every 400/450 poured yards. Dimensions 12’L X 8’W X2’H –  Holds up to 10 tons of washout, 1300 gallons. See our brochure for more information.

Here are the reasons to choose our ramp less concrete washout:

  • Our washouts are watertight, portable and EPA approved
  • LEED & Diversion reporting in real-time
  • (SBE) Certified California Small Business
  • RAPIDGate approved – we can access most military & airports sites
  • Fast service
  • A water vacuum up to 300 gallons is included at no charge at swap or pull
  • Our trucks are equipped with a vacuum system so one truck can vacuum & swap or pull your bin.
  • All materials are manifested so you know the washout water is being properly treated
  • We spray our bins with a vegetable oil so material releases at recycling

The ramp less Concrete Washout System is a safe, responsible and environmentally conscious alternative to the old worksite concrete washouts. We currently service the Los AngelesSan DiegoRiversideNorthern CaliforniaSacramentoReno Nevada and Dallas Texas. We understand that in order for our product to be competitive in the concrete washout marketplace, we must be sensitive to the environmental needs of where we work, travel, live and play. Whether you’re driving down the expressway or experiencing the great outdoors, our product may have an impact on your everyday life. We have developed a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to concrete washout sites and we are striving to become the industry standard in the concrete washout removal and recycling industry.

Concrete itself, once hardened, is inert and harmless to the environment. However, we know that concrete or cementitious washout wastewater containing mortar, grout, plaster, stucco or cement is caustic and considered to be corrosive with a pH over 12. Concrete washout water has a toxicity level greater than ammonia and near the same pH level as pouring Drano into the storm drain. Washout of concrete equipment must be done with careful regard for its potential impact on the environment. The wastes from concrete washout can harm the environment if allowed to runoff from construction sites. As populations have grown and construction has expanded into new areas, building sites have become a significant environmental concern.

We values are customers, the importance of balancing construction with environmental impact concerns and is committed to customer satisfaction and long-term relationships. American Concrete, Paint & Drywall Washouts, Inc. is totally committed to fulfilling our responsibility to protect the environment.

We are officially licensed from Concrete Washout Systems Inc,.