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Heavy Concrete Washout Can Make Your LEED credits POP!

ACW has recycled over 700,000 Tons of concrete since 2004

Dry Concrete Washout is Recycled Into Aggregate

Easily exceed diversion requirements

Real-Time LEED Diversion Reporting at Every Service

Our drivers provide you with full documentation for every load.

Concrete washout is crushed and turned into aggregates

Aggregates can be used for bases on roadways and more

All Washout Water is Properly Recycled

We capture 100% of washout water and properly document and recycle it.

LEED, Diversion & SBE

Los Angeles Concrete Washouts (ACW), has completed 1,000’s of projects that have required diversion reporting. We’ve recycled & documented over 800,000 tons of concrete since 2004. Our real-time ┬áservice receipts are provided at each service and can be scanned and emailed upon requests.

In addition to recycling solids, each service truck is equipped with an enviro vacuum system that captures the washout liquids. The water is either recycled or treated and discharged into the sanitary system.

Request Copies of Your Diversion Receipts Now View our SBE certificate